The Ghosts That Woke Me Up

I had many experiences in the house my family lived in during the early 1980s. The place had a negative energy so strong i remember feeling it as a kid. First you had to walk under the building in front of it (via a tunnel) to get to the house. There were vacant lots on either side of it where buildings had burned down.

When we first moved in my stepfather found a back room that the concrete floor was half missing, like something was buried there. In the middle of the dirt was a metal cross that was upside down in the dirt. My stepfather pulled it out of the ground and walked with it like he was possessed, and he snapped out of it when he went upstairs. Other religious items were found around this property, (they were mostly buried).

I was in bed once and the room got SUPER cold (it was June) and the alarm clock on my dresser flew across the room and slammed into the wall. I screamed and ran out of the room ( I was 7). On another occasion, Iwas sleeping in the living room and was awakened by a poke in the belly. When I opened my eyes, there was several apparitions in the room, taunting me. One was in a rocking chair, laughing, the other was reading a newspaper that my mother had left on the floor, he looked up at me and flung the paper across the room. The third was running around the room, making faces...of course I screamed, and my mother came in and said I was seeing things.

Our neighbors said when we were not home they saw evil, demon like faces in the windows. My stepfather and mother fought like crazy in that house, I believe due to the negative energy.

Submitted by C. McBriar

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