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I have a creepy story. The house I live in has no history to it, there were previous owners to my grandparents. When my grandmother died, my husband and I, along with our children, moved in to care for grandpap. It felt as if there was always a presence on the landing of the steps and in the corner of the livingroom. There has never been a history of hauntings here, I have been the onlyperson who has "felt" things here in the house's entire history. After checking on the kids a few times, who were nothing but fast asleep in their beds...we turned it in for the evening and were just laying in the dark, talking. Then we heard what it seemed to be, grandfather walking up the stairs towards our bedroom. We were shocked because he hadn't been upstairs in many years since he was very elderly and couldn't walk steps, if he did, he used a cane so you would always "hear" that 3rd foot!

The more we listened, the more we realized that the steps were not that of grandfather, they were too light, but too heavy to be our children since they were very young at the time. They finally stopped at our locked door. Then, there was "the noise". This noise was nothing I had ever heard before. My husband and I were frozen in terror, it's hard to explain this sound, but my husband and I come to the conclusion that it sounded as if it was Darth Vader breathing through his mask, 3 long exhales....right around the corner from our bed, inside the room. Neither one of us could move, I was closest to the breathing and couldn't turn my head to look around the corner to see who or what was standing there. We were both frozen.

The next thing we remember was waking up the next morning in bewilderment. I asked grandfather if he had needed us and if he had gone upstairs for us, and he looked like he had absolutely no clue why I asked him that. He was always a man of the truth, being a high-elder in his church. He laughed and said, "No way, I haven't been up there in years, if I would have needed you, I would have hollered for you". This certainly was not an act of a 4 or 5 year old kid or a 90 year old man.

This was unexplainable.

We checked the pipes in the bathroom, nothing leaked, we have forced air so it couldn't be steamcoming from a radiator. Nothing in the house could have made that noise, and we have not heard it since that night. There was an instance 2 nights later when my dog started barking in the hallway for no reason, she chased something down the dog doesn't bark, she howls. I slept with thelights on for 5 days after these episodes! The presence is still on the landing and in the corner of the livingroom, but not as frequent as before. That sure was one freaky night!

Submitted by Vikki

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