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My daughter showed signs of her inherited ability to see and sometimes communicated with spirits around 2 1/2 years old. She developed an imaginary friend. Every once in a while i would catch a glimpse of him unexpectedly. i tried to tell my husband that i did not think the friend was imaginary, but there was skepticism again - i could not blame him - he did not come from my world. One day we were going to eat n park for lunch after church and my daughter insisted that "pop" had to come in with us. whats the harm? so i said fine lets go, and my husband took her hand and started walking across the parking lot. after grabbing the bag of extra clothes and wipes (as at that age she was a messy eater) i started after them. I was stopped dead in my tracks to see my husband holding my daughters right hand (which at that age you know when a 2 1/2 year old holds hands with an adult their little arm is fully extended) and her left hand fully extended the same way connected to a SHADOW of a full grown man!!!

I of course not being stupid enough to irritate this entity (which is what it was), waited until we got home to discuss with my husband what i saw. upon questioning my daughter (which was long and tough as at that age answers are hard to come by) she said thing a child her age should not know or be able to say - Angel, Protect, No Die, Bad Man. After several hours I was able to get her to tell me his real name (she called him pop) and she said Jackson.

I wasted no time starting on research on the area, land and building our row house rental was located. I found out that in the early 1900's a little girl was murdered in her grandfathers home by some nutcase that was later caught and killed, but not until after the grandfather died.

Being the somewhat brave person i am (when my kids are involved) i held a seance to talk to pop jackson. my mistake was doing it alone. i did find out why he was there with my daughter (that answer was obvious even before starting) but i wanted to know why he thought my daughter was in danger. when no more replies came, i ended my seance and tried to lay down to sleep. within 10 minutes a very fast succession of things happened. Two screams came from my right neighbors, my daughter screamed, my left neighbors screamed and their neighbors dogs started was not all at the same time, it was boom, boom, boom, boom right in succession.

i jumped out of bed and flew into my daughters room and grabbed her and started to walk out of her bedroom door...wrong. i honestly could not step over the threshold of the door. i was physically stuck and at a slight lean trying to get into the hallway. my vision started to go black and all sound was sucked out of my ears. sure i have seen ghosts before, even felt them speaking inside my head, but never had this kind of confrontation before. i panicked and started saying the lords prayer - it was the first thing that came to mind with my daughter holding on to me for dear life.

i was able to get thru the doorway, but the stairwell was right on the other side of her doorway and i felt this enormous pressure on the middle of my back and it actually brought tears to my eyes. this thing was trying to push us down the stairs!!! my daughter stated screaming over and over "pop" "pop" "pop" and suddenly the vision returned, the hearing returned and i just ran to my bedroom and locked the door. my husband works nite shift and i grabbed the phone and called him at work. i just needed to talk to someone to calm down.

my daughters room was locked up the next day and we shared a room for the next week. i just got out of the shower, my husband was saying goodnight to our daughter and getting ready to leave for work. he got to the top of the stairs and turned to say something to me and i watched as his body jerked forward like he was pushed and he stared to fall down the stairs. luckily for him he was holding on to the banister and was able to catch himself before really getting hurt.

we exchanged several words, he left and i went into the bedroom and called a friend of mine. i told her i was scared to stay home alone because of a robbery the evening before at a gas station down the street from my apartment and asked her if she could pick me and the baby up for the nite. she said her boyfriend was leaving for work and she could not come pick us up but could be dropped off if it would make me feel better. within 30 minutes she was there and we were all in my bedroom. my daughter started crying in her sleep so i laid next to her to soother her back to sleep while my friend went to be bathroom.

in that span of 2 minutes, my whole bedroom went black again with no sound and it felt like there was a pillow over my face because i could not breathe. i felt like i was struggling for hours against something i could not see or hear and i was panicked for my daughter because i could not see her or her her or feel her to know if she was alright. my friend apparently came back from the bathroom to see me struggling trying to pull something off of my face, but she said there was nothing there.

finally i just sat up gasping for air and there was no explanation for any of it (according to her). all she kept saying is your place is possessed. you should have your priest bless it. I know enough to know that that is not always the best course of direction as you could enrage the entity more instead of binding it. my friend did some internet research (as i had no computer at the time) and said that i could seal the room that i thought the energy was emanating from with sea salt and candle wax and a rhyme she found. what did i have to loose. we piled the sea salt around the entire room, window seals, door frames, closet door frames etc. said the rhyme and dripped the candle wax around the room on top of the sea salt, closed the door, put more sea salt and wax.

i assumed we were done. my friend said that upon closing the door for the last time you had to seal it with a drop of blood. WHAT??? this was just too crazy for me. no way i was spilling my blood no way, so she pricked her finger with her earring and squeezed her finger until a drop of blood landed on the pile of sea salt. two weeks later she died of a massive heart attack and we moved.

Since then my daughter has had conversations with dead relatives and has seen dead family pets. alot of the relatives she has conversed with were dead long before she was even born. most of the stuff she repeats to me i have to call other family members to verify, but she has always been correct. even on the proclamation of a dead relatives birthday!!!

We are totally encouraging when it comes to her abilities, as long as she wants to have them. i know what a curse they can sometimes be. sometimes her nightmares worry me (as they are always the same of people trying to wake her up by pulling on her arms, but when she looks at them they are moving their mouths but no sound comes out and she screams and they disappear. sometimes she gets frustrated by the "residual" playing out late at nite (i do to), but they are only noises, but really annoying ones.

only once while she was awake (in recent times) has she been scared while awake and it was only because the little (ghost) girl that sometimes visits our house appeared out of no where in front of her on the steps and said something to her. she was scared of that unexpected appearance and screamed...almost falling down the stairs. but other than that, she has had a quiet time these last couple years.

she is now 9 and next school year will be going to the same middle school i did...i have seen things there that still give me nightmares, so i am anxious as to what she may her senses are alot stronger than mine were at her age. i will keep you posted if you would like.

Thanks for reading!

Submitted by Veronica

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