Tonya's Experiences

When I think about a paranormal experience, somehow my mind floats back to that first terrifying experience, the one that set off a chain of events that changed my life forever.

Sometimes, I think it is too personal to share.

I say that because of the chain of events that unraveled when we bought our first home are nearly unbelievable; you had to have lived through them first-hand to understand that I didn't lose my mind completely during that time.

Sitting in the middle of a neighborhood called Carrick in the South Hills of western Pennsylvania is where my story begins, and it is how I came to have a passion for the paranormal.

When you think of the paranormal-do you think of eerie phantom footsteps in the dark of night?
Does your mind strike up an image of a lost spirit, trying to find their way home?
Unfortunately, for the longest time, mine didn't.

For a very long time, when I would think of the word "paranormal" I would think of the times that I spent away from my own home because of the emotional turmoil that I was in when I would go inside.

I wish there were apparitions and disembodied footsteps for me. Instead, I was plagued with a violent haunting, and never knew what would happen next. When I finally realized it wasn't in my head, was when guests began to become physically attacked by unseen hands in my home.
That was when I turned to help. This is where my story begins...

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