An Officer's Experience

After graduating college, from April, 2005 to the end of October, 2005, I worked for the police department of a major, well-known, amusement park. I lived in employee housing, in a three bedroom apartment, with six other guys, all of whom were either full-fledged police officers, or worked for our department as seasonal "non-bonded" police officer. So needless to say, there were a lot of guys who don't easily get scared living there.

I was the first to arrive at the apartment when the season started, along with a fellow officer. The first night it was just the two of us. I did not feel comfortable at all at the apartment, especially in one of the bedrooms, so I decided to sleep on a couch that first night. My new roommate, Paolo, came out of his room about 20 minutes later with his comforter, and asked if I minded if he slept on the other couch. We both agreed that we felt uneasy there, and stayed up most of the night watching TV.

The first real experience I had was a few nights later, when all of my roommates had arrived. I woke up in the middle of the night to hear violent choking. I began to get very concerned until it stopped shortly afterwards. The next morning, I asked my roommate Paul if he had woken up choking last night, because it sounded like it was coming from his general direction. He said he had not, and that he thinks he would have woken up if he had been.

As the summer continued, strange occurances kept happening. The two guys I shared an actual room with were both 3rd shift officers and I was 2nd shift, so they were always gone when I was sleeping. On several occasions, I would wake up in the middle of the night because I'd hear my door open and someone would be in my room. When I would fully wake up, I would realise that the door was closed and nobody was there.

One time I even saw a figure going through clothes in the closet. As my eyes adjusted and my senses came fully aware again, this figure faded away as I gained sight. I never felt comfortable in the apartment. Any time I would go into a room that was dark, I would get this uneasy feeling so I'd hurry up and turn a light on as fast as I could, and try not to look around before the light came on. I felt like a wimp!

The most dramatic experience happened when I was brushing my teeth one night in a bathroom that was connected to the largest bedroom. The bathroom was set up so when you stand at the sink, the door to the bedroom is directly behind you. There was a set of bunkbeds on either side of the door, creating a hallway of sorts leading up to the door. As I brushed my teeth, I bent over to spit in the sink. I raised my head and looked in the mirror at myself. Let me tell you, it was straight out of a horror movie. . . I noticed there was a fair skinned girl with dark, straight hair standing behind me in the mirror. She was inbetween the bunkbeds, about 6 feet directly behind me, looking AT me in the mirror.

To this day I can picture exactly what she looked like. Her face was crystal clear, but she kind of blurred out below the shoulders. I swore, jumped about 30 feet in the air, turned around, and there was nobody there. I'm sorry but the room is too big for someone to be there, then run around the bunkbed and out the door in the amount of time it takes for me to react and turn around. Two of my roommates were home, sitting in the livingroom watching TV. Neither of them seemed to have any clue that anything happened.

The door to the apartment was locked, the only way in or out was past them. I didn't say anything.
I would say it was about July when we finally talked openly about our experiences. Turns out all seven of us had things happen, but we weren't talking about it in fear of getting made fun of at work. I began to tell my story, when one of my roommates cut me off and said "YOU SAW A GIRL IN THE MIRROR DIDN'T YOU!" before I could finish.

It had happened to him too, and two other guys in our apartment. Our experiences ranged from seeing this aparition, seeing other shadowy figures (one roommate literally bumped into a large dark figure in his room as he searched for the light switch) hearing voices, doors slamming, things going crash in other rooms, to the simple feeling that you weren't alone. It was not a good feeling either, it was more like a "something horrible happened here one day" feeling. Everything I have described to this point can be explained by skeptics. Over-active imaginations, suggestive hallucinations spawning from stories we heard eachother tell, dreams, etc.

However, this we cannot explain: One night we heard a crash in the bathroom. Our bottles of shampoo and shaving cream, which had been sitting at resk behind the sink on the counter, completely safe and sound, ended up somehow getting knocked over the counter, over the sink, onto the floor . . . all by themselves. You don't have to have a degree in Physics to understand that objects at rest stay at rest unless disturbed by an outside force.

In my last week working and living at the World's Greatest Amusement Park, I got a disposable camera and took pictures, documenting the best experience of my life before it would be over. When I got the pictures back, I noticed that the picture I had taken of my apartment had this strange blue hazy web-like image all through it. When I loaded the image onto my computer and zoomed in, I noticed a creepy, skull-like face looking out of the intersection of one of the webs. I showed my dad, and he also noticed that there was a reflection of a face looking out of the TV. No other picture on the entire roll of film had this effect.

I have never taken a picture like this in my life. And that choking noise I heard my first week. Months later, we searched the internet for the apartment complex. We found an entry on a ghost stories website that described these apartments as being haunted by a girl who was raped and murdered there in the 70's. Common experiences include a strange dark-haired girl showing up at parties and disappearing into the crowd, and more commonly . . . the sound of choking late at night when everyone is asleep.

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