Nancy's Experiences

The reason I started searching out the paranormal:

I have always believed in ghost and spirits but never took much interest in them besides the occasional ghost story at camp until I was around 13 years old. My best friend and I along with a group of our friends heard about a haunted house near where we lived.

We all decided to get a Ouija board and have a séance in the attic of this “haunted house”. To be honest I am not sure any of us really believed the stories about the house but we were just looking for something to do.

There were eight of us in total who went into the attic and we set up the “Parker Brothers” Ouija board (like I said we were not taking the whole seriously) and we set up candles and all sat in a circle around the board, just like every movie we had ever saw about it.

We really had no idea what we were doing.

We started off asking the board questions and I’m pretty sure one of us was moving the oracle I was ready to give up and leave when it happened. Now this will sound like its right out of a horror flick, believe it or not its your choice but I know it happened because it happened to me.

As I said my friend and I were getting bored and we looked at each other and gave the nod, you know the “Nod” the signal you and your closest friend have, that unspoken “I Agree” well we were just about to get up when the kid next to me flew back what I would guess was 10 feet.

The crazy thing was he was sitting crossed legged on the floor and no one had touched him. I looked at my best friend than and I could see her screaming but no sound was coming from her, she was pointing behind me franticly and I assumed she was pointing at the kid who just took a flight across the room. Chaos is all I remember next, everyone tearing out of the attic pushing and shoving, yet my best friend and I still just sat there in almost a daze. I tried to get up to go to our friend laying almost unconscious on the floor but couldn’t move.

I looked to my friend again and she was as pale as an albino (and that’s tuff considering she’s mixed) than as fast as it had come it was gone.

I could move again and I could hear my friend now but she sounded hoarse like she had just come from a heavy metal concert. We both got up and went to our friend on the floor who was sitting up now with a dumbfounded look on his face. The three of us got out of the house real quick after that. Once outside my best friend grabbed me and asked me if I was okay. I told her "Yeah I’m fine, just a little confused."

She kept asking in that hoarse voice if I was okay. She finally turned me toward a parked car and told me to look in the side mirror.

I did and was stunned. I had handprints around my neck like someone had been choking me. I looked at my friend and she asked why I didn’t answer her that she had been screaming at me that someone was behind me. I didn’t know what to say. The marks bruised and lasted for a couple days.

I can’t speak for the others there that day but for me that was the point in my life when I decided to actively seek out the unexplained and try to explain them. I want to know someday what happened in that attic and why. The house still stands and every time I go past it I get chills.

To clarify I don’t believe the Ouija board had any thing to do with what happened, I believe something was already in that house long before we got there and most likely a bunch of rowdy teenagers trespassing made it whatever it is angry.

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