G.P.P.S. and F.P.I. Colorado Investigate Moundsville

Two TAPS families, East and West, came together and conduct an investigation at the West Virginia State Penitentiary in November! This was an exciting investigation, as we got a rare chance to meet a TAPS family from out west, all the way from Colorado.

We met up outside of the stone castle at about 10:30pm on Friday November 9, 2007, awaiting the Tour Guide to open the gates to allow us access.
We enjoyed the fact that it was just us two teams, about twelve people, that had the jail to ourselves.

Before we walked in, we were warned to retrieve all of our things from our car that we would need, because the tour guide would be locking the gate for the night and we would not have access to the outside world again until 6am. So we checked, double checked and headed into the lobby, which was the only lit room in the entire building.

We got a tour of the cell blocks, the kitchen and cafeteria, visitor rooms, and the outside prison yard where they not only brought prisoners in, but the prisoners had their exercise here as well.

We also got a brief history on the opening and closing, but asked that he hold all details of killings, and deaths until the end of the night.
Unfortunately, we were unable to access the Sugar Shack that night, due to the Halloween props being stored there and the door being locked up. We’re hoping that’s a temporary thing.

The West Virginia State Penitentiary opened it’s doors in 1876, and closed it’s doors in 1995, so this stone castle structure, complete with what appears as battlements, has a 119 year history.

We were asked to stay in groups of no less then three after the tour, and we all began setting up and splitting up to different ends of the building.

We started in the upstairs gymnasium and worked our way around the building. Each room, each cellblock held history, and we all wondered as we took our data, what secrets some of those walls were hiding. What violence was acted out inside the prison?

We ruled out noises, though there were plenty of them, due to the condition of the prison, certain that bats, mice and other creatures could have been causing the noises we heard. However, a few of our investigators did have experiences in this prison, and we later swapped stories with FPI Colorado, who seemed to have the same experiences in the same rooms.

We finished up, wrapped up and went home, taking a few last pictures, and saying goodbye to FPI Colorado, a wonderful, professional, and very friendly TAPS family team.

While we had over 4 hours of audio, Video, and more then 1200 pictures, there were no anomalies found.

Still, GPPS would love the chance to return to Moundsville. Please watch our site for updates.


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