Mike's Experiences

The first time that something unexplained came my way I was only about five years of age, maybe a little younger. The house I lived in with my parents and my grandmother was used as a mining house and as a rest house for soldiers for the civil war. I always remembered seeing a man in a blue kind of uniform that would always stand at the top of the stairs and watch as if he was guarding the house. He would never come down stairs, just stay at the top of the stairs.

But what really kick my interest into overdrive was about 3 years ago. The house I just moved into was just remodeled with new everything, basically. My girlfriend at the time was sick and sleeping downstairs on the couch so I decided to sleep in the bedroom. I was awaken really late at night (or early in the morning, however you want to look at it) by a whisper in my ear saying “hunny wake up.” So naturally I woke up and moved over to my side of the bed thinking my girlfriend was coming up with me. I looked to the side of my bed and there was a girl standing there looking at me. “ I asked her thinking it was my girlfriend if she was coming to bed, but the girl just stood there looking at me until what it seemed like just faded away. I thought I was imagining it cause I was half asleep.

Well the next day I was talking to a friend of mine that was a secretary for a lawyer and I was telling her about the house I had just moved into, telling her how it was all remodeled. Her response was “well after what happened there it had to be.” Here to find out a girl was killed there, don’t know if it was self inflicted or what but I guess the place was a mess afterwards.

Then not long after that, maybe about three weeks to a month later I was sitting in the living room watching television alone in the house. Well I always kept all the doors upstairs opened so I could always see in the rooms. Well when I was watching television I heard a huge “bang” noise from upstairs so I went running up to see what happened. When I got upstairs ALL the doors upstairs were slammed shut. I have always been interested in the paranormal and did a few “investigations” with a friend before all this happened , but after everything happened it really kick my interest into gear.

Mike B

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