Recommended Safety Precautions

So you have checked and double checked, and have everything you need for your first investigation?
Maybe not. Many people forget two very crucial things-respect of other people's property and safety.

Let's talk about Permission first. You always want to make sure that you firstly have permission to go into a home, graveyard (if it applies-after hours), or any other structure you wish to investigate.
Alot of these places you could find information on the internet for-including email addresses, and sometimes even phone numbers. Use them! After all, you want to have an exciting investigation, you wouldn't want to end up in serious trouble or even causing chaos. We in this field strive for professionalism, and we are earning more respect by the moment. It is people like you-the new investigator, that could help us keep this interesting field respectable!

Now let's talk about safety issues. Where are you going? If it is outside, and there are hills-you will need to consider shoes-good ankle support, and of course, long pants and long sleeves are important on the outside investigations. Also, it would be a good idea to go in the daylight hours, take paper with you and draw up a map of the place. This way, when you investigate there are no hidden surprises like holes in the ground that could cause injury, or even steep drops that could be overlooked in the dark. Flashlights-always keep spare batteries-too much is never enough!
Another good suggestion if you are going into a wooded or very large outside area is a compass. They do still come in handy!

DO NOT do this alone! It's a good idea to have at least one other person with you-and make sure that you call people to let them know where you're going and estimated time that you will be back. Keep your cell phone handy but in an off position once you start- even if you don't get service where you are going. I have been deep in the woods, away from reception and have been surprised myself at being able to receive a signal in the strangest places. I strongly suggest traveling in a group if you do plan on doing an investigation that will be deep in the woods.

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