A Pittsburgh native, Tonya has long enjoyed assisting others in the paranormal with everything from new teams, to client concerns. She welcomes questions of all nature, and will help with anything paranormal related.

She avidly encourages anyone to email her with any questions about the paranormal and promises to answer to the best of her ability. Just be prepared to accept an honest answer. Her compassion for clients and new teams alike runs deep, as she finds a way to connect with each and every one of them to help them through difficult times.
Nancy is an invaluable member of GPPS. She brings her substantial knowledge in all aspects of natural home occurrences, and is excellent at historical research and collecting data. Her fun loving attitude, yet ability to sustain a certain level of assertiveness makes her a natural born leader.
Nancy is our thinker, she is the very backbone of our team, and it shows anytime that she graces an investigation.
Director/Lead Investigator/PR Liaison
Managing Director/Case Manager
Cindy was born and raised in New Castle, PA and has been researching all areas considered paranormal for as far back as she can remember. After having experiences that couldn't be explained, she decided that you couldn't fear the unknown if you armed yourself with knowledge. Since joining GPPS in January of 2008, that's exactly what she tries to help others do. Her compassion and dedication to every client make her a great fit as Case Manager. Her drive and dedication to each member of GPPS make her a great team leader.

She considers herself an open-minded skeptic and is always looking for hard proof of paranormal activity without ruling out the improbable
When not investigating or reviewing evidence with GPPS, whom she considers her second family, she spends her free time with her understanding Fiance, her two awesome sons, her Beagle, Jack, and insane, wonderful cat, Mo.

Tech Director
Born and raised in Pittsburgh PA, Mike has spent most of his life underacheiving and finding new ways to turn everyday household items into weapons of mass destruction.  When he was a child Mike's parents had to lock up all of the tools so he wouldn't try to take apart his fisher price & tonka toys to turn them into robotic game show hosts.

Mike is a computer geek by day and a computer geek by night as well so having him sit in front of monitors waiting for freaky stuff to happen is not a far stretch from his day job of keeping his employees off of adult sites at work.....

With over 16 years experience in the computer/network/security industry, Mike spent several of those with an industry pioneer for online/streaming video and video post production.

Most of the tech equipment that GPPS utilizes has been built from scratch by Mike in order to get the best quality while cutting down on costs.  A page will be set up in the next few weeks going over the gear and techniques that GPPS uses during investigations

Senior Lead Investigator/Director Of Leads
Pam has called Pittsburgh home for the majority of her life. She is a geologist, working with an environmental company.

PR Manager/Lead Investigator
Catherine is a retired police officer and current student at the University of Pittsburgh. She is currently a Lead Investigator as well as the Public Relations Manager for GPPS. She has an eye for detail and approaches each investigation as she would a police investigation, knowing the answer is there, even if it's not always easy to see. This, along with her unmatched leadership skills make her an outstanding investigator and team member.

Member Manager/Lead Investigator
Jennifer is from New Castle Pa. She joined GPPS in March 2010 and has since proven to be an invaluable asset to the team. She has always had an interest in the paranormal due to her Grandmothers influence. Growing up she had unexplained things happen that further intrigued her interest in the paranormal.

She enjoys going on investigations and looking for possible explanations to prove or disprove any alleged paranormal activity. She loves being part of a team whos goal is to help our clientele to have a peace of mind. She is looking forward to working not only with our clients but also our other members
to help maintain a happy and productive team.  Outside of GPPS she enjoys spending time with her son and her friends. She likes going to concerts and is a thrill seeker.


Born in Florida, and raised in Virginia, Rob has lived in various locales throughout the country, from coast to coast.  He also spent over six years in the Air Force, and, during that time, saw most of the countries in the western hemisphere.  His exposure to such a broad range of cultures has influenced his life tremendously, making him extremely versatile and open-minded, eager to learn and experience new things.  Now that he has made his home in the Pittsburgh area, he brings that wealth of experience and knowledge to the GPPS, where he has found a new home and a new family.  His expansive breadth of knowledge and experience, combined with an inveterate curiosity, and leavened with a quirky sense of humor makes for a natural investigator and jack-of-all-trades that he has become with the team.  Whether Rob is working, investigating, or engaging in a dozen other hobbies for which he has little time, he can always be counted on to provide that bit of humor to lighten up anyone's day.  Even if it is only by remembering one of the many humorous stories that tend to accumulate in his wake.

Lead Investigator
Andrew was born and raised in Western PA.  His natural curiosity of life led him to a degree in biology and his curiosity for the afterlife was supplemented by research and reading up on the paranormal.  This led Andrew to the wonderful GPPS team and actually putting his biology degree to use, he is now part of the research team of GPPS, he helps locate deed histories and local histories to help supplement our investigations.

Lead Investigator
Shawn is 24 years old and lives in Wampum Pa (about an hour north of Pittsburgh).
He got into the paranormal, possibly because of his religious background, and his belief that there had to be something out there beyond death. The paranormal always fascinated, yet terrified Shawn as a kid. Never having a personal experience before, hw was always worried about seeing spirits. As Shawn got older, the fear subsided and his fascination grew stronger. He saw the show Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi and always thought how great it would be to do the same thing. Shawn looked up G.P.P.S, submitted an application and been doing what he imagined doing ever since.

Angie was Born in Philadelphia and raised in Kingston, PA, now a transplant to the southwestern PA area. She lives just south of the city with her husband, Stephen, and her dogs, Samuel and Ezekiel. She is a full-time flight nurse working in Fayette County and a volunteer firefighter with Munhall #4 Fire Company. She has been investigating the paranormal in one way or another for about 20 years with a special interest in occult practices. She also enjoys photography, good food and drink, music, and animals of all kinds.


T.J. lives in Ellwood City, PA and became interested in paranormal investigating after living in a house that was haunted. After having his own experiences, he made it his goal to find out more about why this happens and to help others who may be experiencing something paranormal. It's very important to him to help others no longer fear what they don't understand and to shed light on the unknown.

Born and raised in Clearfield, PA, Danielle has been interested in the paranormal since she was a child.  Danielle moved to Pittsburgh in 1999 with her husband. After realizing there were other people who shared her same interest, she joined GPPS in 2009. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her 2 dogs and 4 cats.

Stephen was born and raised in Midland, PA.  He studied Criminal Justice/Investigations at Penn State and now works for a corporate investigation company. Stephen also has an extensive security background.  Since he was young, he has had experiences, but felt alone and never informed anyone of them.  While living in Northern CA for 5yrs and trying to start a family, he ran into certain experiences that definitely couldn't be explained.  Since shows like Ghost Hunter's came out, he knew he wasn't alone anymore so his interest in the paranormal increased. Since moving back to the area and joining the team, he can now comfort his daughter that spirits are nothing to be scared of.

Investigator In Training
Stacie is a lifelong resident of Western Pennsylvania.  She is a homemaker who co-owns a Virtual Assisting Company.  She has a terrific technical background.  She was also a firefighter for over 5 years.

Stacie has wanted to pursue an education in Parapsychology/Paranormal Studies since childhood.  Stacie is currently pursuing an education in this field via distance learning in England since there is no formal degree program offered in the United States at this time.  She already has received Fellowship status from The Institute of Forensic Parapsychology in London. 

Stacie has had several previous personal experiences with the paranormal and brings an open mind to the team.

She is looking forward to helping ease the minds of clients who come to G.P.P.S. for our assistance.

Investigator In Training
Sandra was born in Fayette County.She lived in PA for most of her life, but recently just moved back to PA from Iowa .Sandra is a full-time stay at home mom.

Sandra's interest in the paranormal began in her childhood.She was skeptical at first but the more she learned about paranormal activity, the she was interested in the Scientific aspect of how it works.Sandra is the type of person who always looks outside the box and doesn't discount anything without evidence to back it up.

Sandra hopes to bring to GPPS the qualities of dedication and a passion for educating the public about paranormal activity.
Marita's bio coming soon....