Matt's Story

Several years ago, I was living with my girlfriend (we were recently married), and her uncle in Cranberry Twp. PA We had been living there for about three months. We had a little tiny room at the back of the house, to the left of the master bedroom. For several weeks I was going to bed real late at night, maybe around to or three. When I would wake up in the morning/afternoon my girlfriend and her uncle were gone for work. I noticed many things in my room would be missing. I would walk out to the living room and wouldn't you know it, my things would be there, in the most random spots.

Now I'm thinking that my girlfriend or uncle maybe had taken them and put them out there either for a joke or for there own personal use. Upon questioning them about it, neither of them had taken or moved anything. Now im thinking yea, right, they are just messing with me. This very same night I'm laying in bed (girlfriend beside me), all the lights are off, along with the tv, so its completely dark - only lit by the moonlight. We positioned the bed against the right wall. I sleep on the left while my girlfriend, sleeps against the wall. So as I'm laying there wide awake I feel the edge of my side of the bed depress like some one is sitting there. So naturally I roll over and there is nobody there! Ive been open-minded to the paranormal for a long time. So naturally my intrest was perked.

That morning I called my girlfriends cousin because this was her old room till she moved out. I asked her if she had ever had anything freaky go on while she still lived there. She had told me that things would go missing and everynow and then it would feel like someone would come and sit on the bed. She had no idea that I was having these same problems. She had also told me that a young boy had died of cancer in this room before her parents bought the house. Naturally I'm beside myself when I go to bed that night. My girlfriend could have cared less, so she's passed out and once again im laying there wide awake facing her side of the bed trying to sleep. I close my eyes hoping this would help me drift off and not two minutes later it feels like someone sat down right beside me. So I lay there and don't move because I'm not sure what to do. As I'm laying there someone or something grabs my left earlobe and gives it distinctive pull. I never sat up so fast in my life. Let me tell you that I WAS FULLY AWAKE! This was not a dream that seemed so real and then you woke up. The next morning my grill lighter that was beside the bed was out in the living room hanging off a mirror. I used this lighter the night before because I couldnt find my cigarrettte lighter. Her uncle was out of town that night and she was not outta bed before I was. I asked her if she got up in the middle of the night and was pulling a prank on me and she said no. She's not really the type for something like this because we both find the paranormal interesting and she holds a very high standard on the subject.

Now I don't know if this was paranormal or not but if it isn't, what is? After this night of being touched nothing ever happened again. Nothing went missing, nobody sat on the bed, nothing at all. Was it that someone was just trying to make contact one last time?

Who know's, all i know is that now I'm a believer.

Submitted by Matt

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