GPPS Talks to Teens About the Paranormal
June 28, 2007 View the photo slideshow

The Greater Pittsburgh Paranormal Society talked to teens on 6/28 about the paranormal in the Music Hall at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Munhall branch in Homestead.

The groundbreaking ceremony at the library was held in 1896, and the building was finalized in 1898. We were intrigued by the architecture of the building, and enjoyed taking some pictures of the artwork.

There were children present that ranged in age from seven to fourteen and we were a little worried at first that it might not hold their interest for long; however, the kids were fascinated by what we had to say.

In fact, they were so interested that we were answering a flurry of questions that were coming in at a rapid succession.

Andy brought his latest invention with him, and the children were intrigued by the workings of it. They did not want to hold out before asking him questions on what it was and how it worked, to which Andy graciously took the time out to answer and explain.

Andy's son Cameron was a tremendous help. He assisted with all the technical aspects of the presentation, including running the video camera while we spoke.

Nico explained theories, investigation techniques and our rules of investigation. She also emphasized the importance of safety and gaining permission for a paranormal investigation. Then we headed off to conduct a real investigation with the children. This was the moment we were anticipating; somewhat with worry mixed with a bit of excitement.

Would they be afraid or curious?

We broke up into two groups. Andy and Rob took the children downstairs below the stage while Nico and Tonya investigated the Music Hall with the younger ones.

There was an eight year old boy that used Tonya's camera; he was astounding. His curiosity was apparently infectious to the others in Tonya and Nico's group. The eight year old thought he seen the curtain move on the stage, and actually ran TOWARD it, snapping pictures one right after the other.

The teams switched and Nico and Tonya's team headed downstairs where the dressing rooms, a crawl space and the entrance to the basement was located.

The children never lost interest in investigating the downstairs. When both teams met up in the Music Hall, Nico finished the presentation with showing "false Positives" and a guessing game for the kids to see what was real and what was fake. Nico went a little further and each time, would ask the children why they thought it was fake. They came up with excellent answers. In fact, there were quite a few that we were ready to name honorary members.

Nico explained what EVP were and let them hear a few real ones. They were captivated and some were a little frightened by the voices, but Nico told them that this was neat, not scary even though the voices were a little fuzzy.

We left with a sense of accomplishment. After all, we want to educate the younger generation about the paranormal, and what we really do.

It makes a difference to us to know that as adults, they may grow a healthy curiosity for the paranormal instead of having a tremendous fear for it. Additionally, we were happy to know that they had someone teaching them to gain permission before investigating; and just as important to us was that they would know the rules of safety for a paranormal investigation.


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