Greater Pittsburgh Paranormal Society™ Frequently Asked Questions

1.) I believe that my house may be haunted – my family and I have been experiencing all sorts of strange things. What can I do to get GPPS to help me?

A.) The first step in getting help from us is by sending an email briefly describing your situation. A member of GPPS will then contact you, and set up a time for an initial ‘walkthrough’ of the location. During the walkthrough, GPPS members will interview anyone in the premises who is over the age of 18, regardless if that person has had experiences or not. If the initial interview and walkthrough merit, a time will be scheduled for GPPS to return with all of our equipment and conduct a formal investigation. Property owners will be required to sign a waiver prior to the investigation, firstly giving GPPS permission to conduct the investigation, and also to ensure that GPPS cannot be held liable for any paranormal activity or damage.

Before you even have a walkthrough scheduled, take a moment to familiarize yourself with our Incident Log. Download and print the following two documents, and use them to keep diligent track of your experiences. These logs will aid the GPPS team when it comes to your investigation.

GPPS Incident Log Guidelines (PDF)GPPS Incident Log (PDF)

2.) What can I expect during an investigation?

A.) A full GPPS team will arrive with equipment in tow. A briefing will be held with the residents, and then the team will discuss any history or facts gathered during the initial walkthrough. This aids the team in deciding where the best areas of the premises are to set up things such as video and audio surveillance.

Once set up is complete, we will extinguish all lights (especially if the activity is mostly prevalent at night), and begin to investigate. Investigation takes many forms - video, digital audio, electro magnetic field measurements, gas and temperature readings, motion detectors – in addition to any new and exciting equipment our Andy has recently invented!

GPPS asks that only one or two residents be present and if possible, no small children in the premises during the investigation. We ask this so as one, they are not frightened by our investigation and secondly as not to interfere with collection and purity of data.  A normal investigation takes anywhere from two to six hours. After the investigation is completed, all data will be reviewed and the complainant presented with any evidence collected.

3.) What if GPPS finds evidence that my home is haunted? Will you get them out of my home?

A). In the event GPPS finds evidence substantiating a haunting, we will work with you to explain the specific type of haunting we suspect that you may be experiencing, and how to deal with such. Additionally, we can present you with some ways that the situation may be alleviated, contingent of course upon your own personal or religious beliefs.

4.) My significant other doesn't believe in the paranormal, but I believe that my home is haunted. Can we do this without their knowledge?

A.) Unfortunately, if they are legally involved with the premises in any fashion, we cannot assist you without their permission. Our mission is to help people, and certainly not to cause additional problems. However, if they do not believe there is paranormal activity in the premises but are willing to allow us to investigate, of course we could by all means accommodate you.

5.) Will I have a copy of any evidence that you collect during an investigation of my home?

A.) Of course! We will provide free of cost a copy of any evidence we collect at your home, in whatever format is most convenient for you.

6.) If I request that my identity be known, would you set up a webpage for me?

A.) Unfortunately we cannot dedicate an entire webpage to one investigation, however, we would be happy to upload video/audio/picture evidence gathered during your investigation and display it on the GPPS website. We would additionally welcome pictures of you as well, for such would be a perfect place for a caption of thanks!

7.) Can GPPS identify different entities? Example, would you be able to tell if there were demons in my home?

A.) No. Though we are researching the paranormal, it is nearly impossible for us to take a guess at the kind of entity that may be haunting your home. However, we would offer help in locating an expert (depending on your religious beliefs) that you can talk to about dispelling the haunting. Remember, we CANNOT guarantee that your experiences will end. Keep in mind that we are researchers with a strong desire to help people. None of us are experts, but humble students and pioneers of the paranormal.


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