GPPS Hosts Haunting Evidence 2nd Season Premiere Party
June 20, 2007

On Wed., June 20th, the Greater Pittsburgh Paranormal Society (GPPS) held a party for the second season premiere of Court TV’s “Haunting Evidence”. Members of GPPS, as well as members of a an organization that we are very close with, the Center for Paranormal Study and Investigation (CPSI), were joined by a friends and family, as well as a host of interested guests, at a local establishment in downtown Pittsburgh. Crystal, the owner of Crystal on Penn, was, and is, very supportive of the work of GPPS, and was excited to host the premiere.

Half an hour prior to the premiere of the show, Tonya, the founder of GPPS, called Patrick Burns, one of the stars of “Haunting Evidence” and a noted paranormal investigator. The highlight of the evening was a Q&A session the attendees were privileged to hold with Patrick via conference call.

Patrick Burns is definitely an experienced and savvy investigator. Patrick is the founder of Ghost Hounds, the largest network of paranormal investigators worldwide. Additionally, he is a frequent guest and speaker at numerous conventions and paranormal retreat activities through Darkness Radio. In addition, he is a freelance video producer, a computer and technology enthusiast, a laser light show producer, an avid SCUBA diver, and, most importantly, a devoted husband and father.

Despite all the claims on his time, Patrick is, and always has been, willing to take the time to talk to anyone who displays a genuine interest in paranormal investigation, and is, by far, one of the most easily approachable people a person can be privileged to meet. The wealth of experience and knowledge possessed by Patrick, as well as the vast contributions he has made to the study of the paranormal, have made him one of the foremost paranormal investigators in the field, and he continues to strive to push the very envelope on the development and practice of using new equipment and investigative techniques to advance the knowledge-base of the field of paranormal study and investigation.

During the Q&A session, Patrick was enthusiastic and personable as he responded to any and all questions, fully and without prevarication. Unfortunately, many of the questions and answers were of a personal or sensitive nature, and can not be presented in detail. However, an example of his compassion and experience can easily be illustrated by the manner in which he responded to the night’s first querent.

Crystal, the owner of the establishment where we held the party, and a wonderful supporter of GPPS, had for years believed the spirit of her father was frequently there in the establishment. GPPS had asked and offered to conduct an investigation there, but Crystal was reluctant to allow it, afraid our activities would scare away her father. With consummate skill and empathy, Patrick was able to reassure Crystal’s anxieties as well as engender an enthusiasm for the investigative process.

The very fact that Patrick Burns was willing to devote so much of his own time, especially when he was in the midst of attending his own celebration for the premiere, is indicative of the selfless character and generous nature of the man. The entire field of paranormal research and investigation is enriched by his inclusion, and GPPS is proud to know him, and humbled by the honor that he, in turn, includes our organization among those he considers friends.

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