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For those of you unfamiliar with the term, E.V.P. or Electronic Voice Phenomena is the occurrence of an anomalous or unknown voice or voices that is found on an audio or video tape. E.V.P. is one of the most exciting pieces of evidence that an investigator could find. These voices are sometimes tinny, or could sound like they are in a tunnel, or even mechanical at times. There are different classes of E.V.P., with Class A being the clearest sounding (without having to guess at what they say) that one could get.

On this page, we will upload any cases of E.V.P. that we find for your listening pleasure. It will serve to give those unfamiliar with EVP an example of what they sound like, and those of you that are familiar a chance to give your critique and maybe pinpoint what they say. Uploads will be added as frequently as they come, so please check back often.

We are always open to suggestions and corrections, so feel free to add yours.

*EVPs are best heard with earphones, to get the maximum effect*

*All EVPs are in MP3 format.


New EVP's

2009 Investigations

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Erie House EVP

Mumble EVP

Carriage House EVP

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