Denise's Story

My interest to join GPPS was something that I eagerly wanted to do. I have a strong interest in the paranormal all stemming from the purchase of my house almost ten years ago. It is located in a suburb but you would never know it because the house sits back very secluded off a dead end street on a few acres. It was also was not lived in for over a decade, but my husband insisted we buy it and do all the renovations ourselves to make it the way we'd like. There was nothing initially spooky looking about a 2 1/2 story red brick Colonial, but I still had this uneasy feeling whenever I was in it from day one. We all have felt someone watching us when nobody was home, footsteps, doors shutting, furniture moving, mists and images appearing, voices from the basement, and I can go on and on. I know it sounds like a movie script, but I am truly living through all of this.

There have been over 35 documentations regarding incidents that happened in the house over the years. Many were witnessed by others outside of my family which is my husband and three sons. One of the first incidents to happen was while renovating the house (it took three months of work before we could move in) was the day I was in the front bedroom with my friend Stacey. We were sanding the walls to prepare for painting. Stacey was on the ladder behind the closed door sanding the top half, and I was on the floor sanding the lower half of the wall when we heard the heavy wooden front door shut followed by heavy footsteps coming upstairs.. Now keep in mind, it was a hot summer day, so we had the front door wide open because the house is not air conditioned. Stacey got down off the ladder and moved it away from the door so that whomever was coming up the steps would not knock her off it when the door to the bedroom was opened. I looked out the front window but only saw her car. The footsteps stopped, so we looked out into the hall. There was nobody there and my front door was still wide opened as we had it. To this day, the footsteps continue as does the sound of the doors off the living room open and close.

I cannot write in length all that happened on here, of course, but I will add a few more incidents. Our first night sleeping there three months later, my husband and I were awoken by the loud sound of a grandfather clock that 'bonged' 2:00 AM. It was actually 2:30 AM .... but we do not own a grandfather clock. Later I found out that the first owner (we are the second owners) did have a grandfather clock that she prized, as it was a wedding gift from her father. By the way, the owner died in my bedroom in her late thirties from cancer leaving behind the children and husband. I did not know this at the time of purchasing the home. Later I also found out that the husband practically lost his mind when she died and is estranged from all of the children for the most part (he has since died, too).

In the basement was a box full of hundreds of love letters expanding over three years during World War ll. between the original owners while they were still courting each other. I brought the letters upstairs and have placed them in protective covers in a binder. One day I was at the kitchen table with my aunt. We were taking turns reading the letters out loud when a mist appeared by the sink. It was about two feet tall and spiraling. I assumed right away something was on fire under the sink cabinet and opened the doors.... but nothing caused the mist to form. I placed my hands through it but it never lost its shape.... disappeared and then seconds later came back again. It lasted several minutes before disappearing.

One afternoon during family party, my aunt took her young son indoors to use the bathroom. At the top of the stairs was a young boy (there were no children at this party except for a few that were not this boy) and my aunt thought there was a line..... but he looked at her and slowly turned away to the bedroom but his head did not turn, he kept his gaze on her before going around the corner. She thought it odd and continued up the stairs and ushered her son into the bathroom. I have a small area in the middle of the three bedrooms and bathroom, so there is absolutely no way he could have passed her without her knowing. She searched for him in each bedroom but he was nowhere to be found. To this day, just thinking about him and recalling his eye contact and body movement scare her. We did find out later that the original basement (but not the house) was used for coal mining. The first building on top of the basement was the coal mining office, since torn down and the house was built over the foundation. It is rumored that the coal mining owner used to have his son go there with him a lot, but the young boy died from polio. Not sure if he was the boy whom my aunt saw or not.

This is only a fraction of my story....but this is why I was eager to join a paranormal group. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one truly living in a haunted house and experiencing things that cannot be explained.

Submitted by Denise L.

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