McKeesport Trail Investigation

Investigators: Tonya, Nancy, Neil, Rob, Adrianne and Zack

Equipment used: Handheld Camcorders with nightshot, 35 mm cameras, digital cameras, analog and digital voice recorders, Gauss meter

Overview: We choose not to disclose the location of this investigation because although we had permission to conduct this investigation-we do not want to be the cause of vandalism or any property damage.

This was an interesting investigation. There are tales of witches of long ago practicing magick along the trails, unfounded tales of a man hanging himself in the woods, and sightings of an unknown species of animal that appears to be dog at first, but upon second look, is something far more sinister.

Analysis: No video, audio or photographic anomalies were found. Some members experienced an uneasy feeling , cold spots in the midst of summer, and a strange smell that wasn’t of animal nature.
We are planning a return visit to the path sometime in spring, so check back for updates.

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