Aaron's Story

Hello All! I came across your wonderful page and couldn't resist sending in my story!

My story is one that even to this day I can't repeat without getting chills down my spine. I just never expected to have an "experience" and more and more I believe this was it.

About 6 years ago. I lived in a house in Dormont Pa. The house was old when my family moved in, 90 years I think. Normally I wouldn't have thought anything of it, if it wasn't for my Golden Retriever, Nick. Nick was my best friend and would follow me everywhere. He would sleep in my room, sit at my side. He was the best dog. He was also a complete goofball. Always doing silly things to make you laugh.

In my room on the second floor there was a closet. It was a small closet that barely contained my clothes, shoes, etc. The closet door wouldn't latch so it was always open a little bit. When I would lay in my room, watching t.v., reading, whatever, occasionally Nick would start whining and staring at my closet door. I didn't think anything of it, just telling him to hush and continued with whatever I was doing.

Perhaps a month or two of this passed by, without any great frequency. Just him occasionally acting goofy and me chalking it up to my ditzy dog.

Well...finally one day as he was doing it, I had enough. I kept saying hush, but he would just stare at the door and whine and let out little half-barks. He would also approach the door and then whine and back away from it. He kept doing this, whining, taking a few steps towards the door, then taking a few steps back. So finally, figuring there must be a ball or something he had dropped and couldn't get to again, I went to the door and opened it all the way for him so he could get whatever I thought he had dropped. But no, he only kept on staring, whining, dancing back and forth. So I started looking for a ball that may have bounced in my shoe, but found nothing. Finally I decided to get to the bottom of it all and started clearing out the whole closet. I cleared that whole closet out of any speck of my belongings. I found no ball, no toy he may have dropped, nothing. And to make it worse, he was still staring at an empty (to me at least) closet and still doing his little dance and whine and half-barks. It was at this point that I got massive chills down my spine and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I decided to go downstairs rather rapidly and relax myself, with Nick following behind.

I don't know what he saw in there, but the image of that empty closet and him staring at it so, still gives me chills. I know that it has only deepened my life-long interest in the paranormal and made me hungrier for more experiences.

Thank you for you work, Aaron

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