K.R.'s Story

Not really sure how to begin to tell what happened to me. I have always believed in the paranormal, physic powers and people that could speak to the dead. I grew up hearing stories of people in my family that had had experiences that they could not explain. The first experience I had was after my mom passed away. I was 12 years old when she passed. The day really was like any other day, we got up and got dressed for school, even though I begged my mom to let me stay home (playing sick), I did this because I had had a dream the night before that she passed away. I ended up going to school anyway, while at school I was injured on the playground and tried to call home to get no answer. I got home later that day and no one was there which was not the norm for my family. Later we would find out that my aunt and grandmother were gone to the hospital where my mom was taken when they found her shot in her bed. She had committed suicide.

I never got to say goodbye to my mom, but the experience that I am writing about didn’t occur until a few months after her death. I went to live with my oldest brother and my sister-in-law in another state after my mom passed. I woke up one night to my mother sitting at the foot of my bed talking to me. This went on for several weeks, then we moved onto base housing because my brother was stationed there. It never happened on the base the whole three years that I lived there. I moved back to my home state after the three years and it never occurred to me again until I was grown and was living with my now husband. We had rented a small house not far from his parents and had my brother and his wife move in with us to share the expenses. This was an older house that didn’t have central heat or air. It had a gas furnace and only a one room air conditioner that was located in the living room. The bedroom that my husband and I shared was the smaller of the two and had the access to the attic in there. The room stayed cold, like a block of ice all year round. I might mention that the floor furnace was directly in front of out bedroom door.

One evening as we got ready for bed, we lay there talking and I had the worst feeling, like someone was sitting on my chest. It was very difficult to breath and I could not move either. I would not go in there alone, not even during the day. I always felt as though I was being watched in that room. During the time that we lived in this house, I started having the experiences of my mother coming to me and sitting on the bed talking to me but from the first time to the last time it was different in that house. She had never reached for me from the previous times I had seen her. All of the times in that house she would reach for me and I just felt a heaving feeling and would get so cold. One night I was very ill and was sleeping and I awoke to find her sitting at my feet but she was different this time, her face started to fall away to reveal this thing ( is the only way I can describe it). I remember clawing at my wrists because this thing had grabbed me, and I remember praying to my mom to help me and to God to help me and all of a sudden it was gone.

Two weeks later my brother and his wife moved out and my husband and I changed rooms and I never had the experience again. I kept that door closed and we never used it. We had one of our friends move in with us and he told me one evening that he had felt like something had gotten into bed with him and that the room was always cold. He moved out not long after that. Strange things went on in that house every time I was alone there. I could leave and go to town and come back an things would be moved, the windows would be open when they had been closed and locked. I came home one evening to find that my dresser had been gone through and things pulled out of it and thrown around my room. Needless to say we moved out shortly there after and now the house Is no longer there. It has been torn down and a new one built in its place.

As far as we know I am the only one to experience anything other than our friend in that house.

Submitted by K.R.

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