The Greater Pittsburgh Paranormal Society is a non-profit organization based out of Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania. Our goals are to help people better understand the world around them and any suspicious activity which they experience, as well as collect data regarding possible paranormal activity. We also strive to develop close relationships with various other paranormal groups within our area, as well as nationwide, and may participate in events and investigations involving several paranormal teams. forex in pakistan

Our approach regarding investigating possible paranormal activity is scientific. Our team members hold a wide variety of beliefs and experiences. Some are open-minded, with little personal experience. Some are skeptics and/or those who have never experienced anything paranormal. Some have experienced paranormal activity, and strive to understand it better. All of us are compassionate, understanding, and both willing and eager to help others. We never charge any clients for any services we render. We offer our services so that both our clients and ourselves have a better understanding of what is happening.

Although individual members of our team may, and do, have their own beliefs and experience, both scientific and spiritual, we do not use Ouija boards, dowsing rods, or any other forms of communication that do not provide scientifically viable evidence. The goal of any paranormal investigative team is to research and try to understand the causes behind possible paranormal activity. Much of it can be readily explained through natural causes, but some can not, and this is what we call paranormal. Through scientific means, we can collect evidence and data that will aid in greater understanding of unexplained phenomena, and eventually lead to scientifically verifiable processes to detect, recognize, and classify paranormal activity.

Please understand that while we have a high respect for psychics and mediums in this field, we rarely involve psychic or medium investigative techniques only because we are trying to find physical evidence of the paranormal. By this, we don't mean we are looking for a ghost in a jar. Physical evidence that is useful includes video footage, photographic evidence, and audio. In reality, a real psychic could indeed be a wonderful person that could actually help an investigation by allowing one to know where to take the best pictures, film or recordings, and could also give assistance on advice and closure for the affected. We would like to stress that we do admire and highly respect true psychics for their dedication and hard work in this field.

If you have experienced suspicious activity, please contact us. Our processes are as thorough as possible and we will keep you involved and updated throughout. We will first come to your home, interview all affected members of the household, and then set up a time and date where we might conduct an investigation. We will also provide you with means to keep a record of any suspicious activity - type, time and location - that will allow us to better focus our efforts. After the investigation, we will keep you informed and updated, and quickly process the raw data we collect. You will be provided with any and all pertinent information we gather. We may also want to schedule follow-up investigations, but only if the client is willing, and totally at the client's convenience. how to do forex trading in pakistan

We understand that experiencing such phenomena may be somewhat frightening or worrisome. We want to help you, and we try to foster an ongoing relationship and dialog with all of our clients, providing any assistance we can before, during, and after our initial contact. We are very open to comments and suggestions, and we are always striving to enhance and better our own methods and techniques. Your input is invaluable in allowing us to better ourselves, which, in turn, allows us to provide better service to you.

Our page is continuously growing and changing, so check back often for updates to our site. You may also want to join our message board, where we try to hold free and open discussions on a wide range of topics. We heartily welcome anyone, believers and skeptics, to join us and work with us to broaden our knowledge and understanding of potential paranormal phenomena.

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